MannaFest is here for all you go-getter girls who:

  • are sick of hearing words like 'can't' when they're talking about everything they want to be, do, have and achieve,
  • constantly feel like they could be more, 
  • aren't quite sure where to channel their massive amounts of inspiration,
  • don't have a step-by-step plan to achieving their dreams and goals yet, or
  • the ones who think all that sounds great, but don't have the motivation yet

If you fit any of those descriptions, you're in the perfect place! MannaFest is full of all the resources, information and strategies you could possibly need to get the most of your life, whether it's in school, improving your health or being the happiest you can be.

It's about time you unleash your inner power - not in a crazy 'I'm running away from home and you can't stop me!' kind of way, an, 'I'm going to give everything my best shot, I will achieve all my goals, live the best life I can and nothing can stop me' kind of way. 

NEWSFLASH: you deserve better than below average grades, unhealthy (not to mention gross) food and constant YouTube sessions that leave you feeling bored and worthless (!!!)

I want you to feel that buzz you get from doing the stuff you love, knowing you are succeeding and becoming a more genuine, loving, helpful person.

You bring the drive, I bring the stuff you need to thrive!


Hey! My name's Manna, and I'm here for all your kick-butt warrior princess needs! Above you will see one of the few photos where I am not sporting my signature double-chin.

I'm a:
  • lover of: self-expression, drama, people, pizza, English, music, books, witty comebacks, pink hair, anti-jokes, my job (tad bit of a workaholic tbh) debating and helping people get the most out of life.
  • not-so-much lover of: animals, agriculture, sports that involve hand-eye-coordination, people that make fun of other people's opinions and soggy/wet socks.
I'm a go-getter. I, contrary to popular opinion, do not enjoy school holidays unless I have work and a set to-do list for each day. I love learning new things, summarising them, and delivering them straight to you. I also believe it's important to balance all that hard work with quality social time, alone time and yummy food.

Come check out my social media here! :)

- Manna :D

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